How to make a club deposit: 

  1. Print off Club Deposit Form PRIOR to going to the One Stop Office. You can find forms on myCWI
  2. Fill out the Deposit Form completely. You must have the club's Cost Center on the Deposit Form. 
    • If the club is depositing checks from an event/fundraiser etc., the club must write the club Cost Center on the back of the check in the upper right corner. 
  3. One Stop will count the money with the club representative to verify that the deposit is accurate and to create checks and balances. 
  4. After the money has been counted and the Deposit Form is accurate, the One Stop will sign off on the Deposit Form. The One Stop will give you a copy for your records. Make sure to keep your copy for records and record it within your own budget tracking. 

Your deposit will not be accepted if: 

  • You do not have the club's Cost Center on the Deposit Form and every check.
  • The form is incomplete.