A group’s constitution is an important document that governs its purpose and future actions. Anticipate the future and ensure that your constitution does not limit the organization’s options for growth and change. 

Why have a Constitution? 

By definition, an organization is a “body of persons organized for some specific purpose as a club, union, or society.” The process of writing a constitution should serve to clarify the organization’s purpose, delineate basic structure and provide the cornerstone for building an effective organization. It will also allow members and potential members to have a better understanding of what the organization is all about and how it functions.  

What should be included in a constitution? 

Student organizations are encouraged to adapt this sample constitution to the unique needs and purposes of the organization.  

Constitutions must be submitted when a club forms and each year following during the re-activation period. Below is a template of what a club constitution would cover and how it could be organized. If you would like a word document template please request one from clubs@cwi.edu




  1. The name of this organization shall be “________”

ARTICLE II. Mission & Goals 

  1. This organization will [Insert Clubs Mission]
  2. National Affiliations, if any [Optional]
  3. Goals of the club:
    1. Goal 1
    2. Goal 2
    3. Goal 3
  4. This organization is subject, as a recognized/registered student organization, to the rules, regulations, and policies of College of Western Idaho and the laws of the State of Idaho.
    1. The rules, regulations, and policies of the College of Western Idaho shall hold precedence over any and all rules, regulations, and policies applying to the (club, organization etc.), including those of national organizations with which the (club, organization, etc.) is associated.

ARTICLE III. Membership 

  1. Membership in [insert club’s name] at the College of Western Idaho shall be open to any College of Western Idaho student
    1. It shall be stated as part of the policy that membership and membership privileges must be open to all students without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or any other classification protected by law, so that all members of the community are treated at all times with dignity and respect.  Membership and participation in the organization must also be open without regard to gender, unless exempt under Title IX. [Required]
  2. Membership shall be granted to an interested student who meets the following criteria:
    1. Maintains a 2.0 cumulative GPA. [Required]
    2. Is not on disciplinary action by the College of Western Idaho. [Required]
    3. C Has attended at least 2 club meetings throughout the academic year [Optional example]
  3. Voting Privileges [Required]
    1. With membership in the Club shall come full floor and voting privileges on any and all items of Club business, including resolutions, items of legislation, bylaws, financial purchases, and elections. [Examples of how voting privileges can be defined]
  4. Once a student graduates or ceases to be a student at the college, their membership in the Club shall cease.

ARTICLE IV. Officers 

  1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  [Note: Clubs must have 3 officers in order to be active. Clubs may choose to have more than 3 officer positions]
    1. Officers shall hold office during an entire academic year. [Recommended]
  2. Duties
    1. President
      1. Preside over all meetings. Call special meetings.
      2. Carry out the provisions of the constitution.
      3. Appoint committees and chairpersons.
      4. Oversee all committee activities.
      5. Encourage teamwork.
      6. Delegate responsibilities and appoint committees to tasks and activities.
      7. Recruit and markets the program to potential members.
      8. Serve as the spokesperson for the organization.
      9. (List any additional responsibilities)
    2. Vice-President
      1. Assume the duties of the president in his/her absence.
      2. Perform any duties delegated by the president.
      3. Network and build good relationships with other student clubs, CWI, and local community.
      4. Recruit and markets the program to potential members.
      5. Delegate responsibilities and appoint committees to tasks and activities.
      6. Attend all meetings.
      7. (List any additional responsibilities)
    3. Secretary
      1. Record and keep accurate minutes of all meetings.
      2. Send/transmit all official club correspondence.
      3. Print and distribute agenda for all meetings.
      4. After the meeting, make the minutes available to all members for review (OSE recommends the secretary emails minutes to the club members).
      5. Coordinate preparation and distribution of club flyers, handouts and publications.
      6. Keep members’ contact information.
      7. Coordinate correspondence to keep all members informed (phone calls, e-mail, texts, etc.)
      8. Record club & organizations achievements.
      9. Keep copies of all important club & organization information on file.
      10. (List any additional responsibilities)
    4. Treasurer
      1. Receive and distribute club funds upon authorization of the president, in accordance with the financial rules and regulations of the college and the laws of the State of Idaho.
      2. Keep financial records.
      3. Coordinate collection of dues (if applicable).
      4. Provide financial reports at least once a month at a general meeting.
      5. Coordinate fundraising activities.
      6. (List any additional responsibilities)
  3. The Executive Council
    1. Will consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who shall meet as often as necessary.
    2. Duties of the Executive Council
      1. (List any additional responsibilities)
      2. To compile agenda for general meetings.
      3. To govern activities of the club.
      4. To execute policies determined by the general membership.
      5. To formulate policy of the club between regular meetings and in case of emergencies, subject to approval of the general membership.
  4. Qualification and Election of Officers
    1. Club Officers shall meet the following requirements:
      1. Be a current CWI student
      2. Enrolled in at least 1 credit per semester
      3. Maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative and semester Grade Point Average (GPA).
      4. Club Elections will be held no later than the 8th week of Spring Quarter [8th week is recommended but not required, having an election requirement is required]
      5. Voting
        1. The election will be done by ballot
        2. Voting may only be those who meet the membership criteria outlined in Article III, Section 2
        3. Officers shall be elected by receiving the most votes of the club membership present.
        4.  Impeachment/Removal and replacement of Officers and Members
  5. Impeachment
    1. All elected officers and club members may be subjected to impeachment and removal by a two-thirds majority vote of the total membership.
    2. Grounds for impeachment are negligence and any form of misconduct which is damaging to the club.
    3. An officer/member may be impeached/removed only under the following conditions:
      1. There must be a quorum present during impeachment/removal vote.
      2. Impeachment/removal requirements 
  6. Vacancies
    1. Any vacancies shall be filled by election within ten (10) school days.
    2. The order of succession shall be followed in the filling of any vacant office during any unexpired term.
      1. If an officer declines to succeed to a vacant office, then an election shall be held to fill the office for the remainder of the unexpired term.
      2. The election procedure for filling the unexpired term of a vacant office shall be the same as for the normal procedure for elections.

ARTICLE V. Meetings 

  1. There must be public notice of club meetings at least five (5) school days in advance where any voting should occur. [Required]
  2. There must be a meeting at least once a month held at the College of Western Idaho.[Required]
  3. There must be a quorum present in order to take care of any financial actions.
    1. Minutes must be kept of all financial action with the club secretary.
    2. Any Purchase requests to Student Engagement must include copy of the club meeting minutes along with all club members’ names who were present and voted.
  4. The treasurer will need to make a written and oral report at least once a month at the meeting. [Recommended]
  5. (List any additional requirements)

ARTICLE VI: Advisor 

  1. Term of Service
    1. Advisor(s) should agree to serve at least a one-year term
    2. Advisor(s) must be selected by the student officers [Required]
      1. A majority of the Student Officers must vote to appoint the Advisor annually [Required]
  2. Removal/Replacement of Advisor
    1. Advisor may be subjected to removal by a majority vote of the total student membership.
  3. Role of Advisor
    1. Be employed by the College of Western Idaho to serve as the official staff representative of the college.
    2. Attend a club/advisor orientation training
      1. In the case an Advisor is replaced during the year they shall schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Engagement.
    3. Work closely with the club to ensure a cooperative relationship between the advisor, and the club membership.
    4. Advise club members on club policies and assist in adherence.
    5. Assist students to understand and apply democratic principles within their own organizations, and in working with others
    6. Be familiar with CWI’s club financial process.
    7. Assist club members in managing a budget and making financial decisions that adhere to club policies, and signing off on all financial documents.
    8. Be proactive in assisting the students in planning club events, fundraisers, and travel.
    9. Attend all club sponsored events.
      1. Advisor(s) are required to travel with student organizations.
    10. Hold club members accountable when they fail to follow policies and procedures.
    11. Maintain communication with club officers and Student Engagement, regarding all events, issues, travel, etc.
    12. Help foster individual and team leadership among the members.
    13. Listen, motivate, challenge, support, and empower students.

ARTICLE VII: Amendments 

  1. All amendments to this constitution require notice of five (5) school days prior to being discussed and voted upon.
  2. The constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds majority membership present at any regular or special meeting.

ARTICLE VIII: Dissolution Clause 

  1. This Student Organization will be dissolved by a two-thirds majority of quorum votes or when the Student Organization fails to complete the College’s required recognition process for two consecutive semesters.
  2. In the event of the Student Organization’s dissolution, all Student Organization financial assets become property of the Student Government Association and shall be added to allocations designated for recognized student organizations.
  3. All additional assets become property of the Department of Student & Campus Life.

ARTICLE IX: Funding 

  1. Dues shall not be charged to membership unless there is a National Association affiliation
  2. The (club, organization, etc.) shall, as it deems necessary, undertake fundraisers for its own purposes.  All fundraising shall be conducted in accordance with CWI policies.
  3. This club accepts full financial responsibility for all activities that bear its name as official sponsor, and will adhere to college regulations.
    1. All publicity for an event must bear the name of the sponsoring club
  4. No club officer or member has the right to incur any debt or become involved in any business under the title or by implying the title of a club in any way unless given full authority to do so by the club.



NOTE:  (Not needed in your constitution, delete when read) Newly revised constitutions are to be filed with the Office of Student Engagement upon completion.  Assistance with any portion of this constitution or any aspect of the development can be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Engagement at clubs@cwi.edu.