Those participating or traveling to an off-campus activity are representing College of Western Idaho (CWI). Thus, it is essential for their behavior to meet the highest standards of integrity and propriety. If your organization or club maybe traveling, it is best to get started by emailing

Club members are to uphold expectations in the Student Handbook at all times. If Student Handbook policies are violated on the trip, the club advisor is to report those violations to Student Engagement. The student(s) will be held accountable for those policy violations through the student conduct process. Please ensure you keep a detailed record of the incidents, who was involved, who witnessed the activity, and the alleged policy violation. 

General Travel Expectations

In addition to the below, advisors should consult CWI Travel Policy (ADMIN-060) for further guidance on travel expectations and information.

  • Eligible travel must be related directly to a class or club purpose.
  • A Prior Approval for Student Travel Form must be completed prior to any purchases being made.
  • If any student traveling will be a minor at the start of travel, Risk Management must be notified at least 60 days prior to the start of travel, and the requirements of CW-050 Protection of Minors will apply.
  • Only full-time CWI employees can accompany students on a trip and must follow the CWI Employee Travel policy. CWI or Club funds cannot be used to pay for the travel of persons, including spouses or family members, who are not students or employees.
    • A ratio of 1 employee per 10 students is required for overnight travel.
    • An emergency plan must be submitted with the prior approval forms.
    • All employees must have completed Clery Act and Title IX training within one year of the start of travel.
  • Students must completely fill out the required documents for approval before leaving for the trip. All paperwork must be pre-approved by the appropriate Dean before making any arrangements.

Overnight Student Travel

The following additional guidelines apply to all overnight student travel: 

  • A Student Travel Release form to include emergency contact information for the student is required.
  • A parent or guardian’s signature is required if the student is under eighteen (18) years of age.
    • Students traveling on behalf of CWI are responsible for their own health and injury insurance coverage
    • Students and employees traveling on behalf of CWI are required to depart and return as a group. Travelers are neither permitted to individually depart before the rest of the group nor stay behind after the majority of the group leaves to return home. In cases where one or more participants are not physically located in the Boise Metro area, alternate travel plans may be necessary, but arrivals and departures should be timed as closely as possible. At no time should a student be left without an advisor while the rest of the group has departed to return home (i.e., leaving a student to catch a later bus, train, or flight) as any delays or travel issues may strand a student without resources for food, shelter, or alternate transportation.
  • Accommodations for Student Travel
    • Employees and students are prohibited from sharing a room in any situation.
    • Students will share a room with a minimum of two to a room. Notwithstanding this rule, students will not be required to share a room with students of another gender.
  • No alcohol may be purchased with any college or club funds or consumed while traveling on behalf of the college without prior Presidential approval.

Early Return from Travel

  • If a student is expelled or otherwise removed from an event or activity by the organizer, the student will be sent home immediately and will be responsible for any additional charges incurred.
  • If a student’s behavior is inappropriate or disruptive, the advisor, in consultation with the Dean of Students, may require a student to return home immediately, and the student may be responsible for any additional charges, pending the outcome of Student Conduct proceedings.
  • If a student chooses to leave the event or activity or fails to appropriately participate or engage (i.e. leaves the event without permission, fails to attend sessions, does not attend required events, refuses to participate in competitions, etc.) the advisor, in consultation with the Dean of Students, may require a student to return home immediately, and the student may be responsible for any additional charges.
  • If a student experiences an emergency that requires them to return home prior to the scheduled date of return, the student must communicate the emergency prior to leaving the event. The Dean of Students will determine if the student is responsible for any additional charges.