Those participating or traveling to an off-campus activity are representing the College, and thus it is essential for their behavior to meet the highest standards of integrity and propriety. If your organization or club maybe traveling it is best to request a traveling training from the office of student engagement at  

The club members are to uphold the Student Handbook expectations at all times. If the student handbook policies are violated on the trip, the club advisor is to report those violations to Student Engagement. The student(s) will be held accountable for those policy violations through the student conduct process. Please make sure that you keep a detailed record of the incidents that occurred, who was involved, who witnessed the activity, and the alleged policy violation. 

If the alleged policy violation is severe enough the student should be sent home early from the trip, the student will have to pay for their own expenses to get back home or reimburse the college for some or all travel expenses. Advisors should consult with Student Engagement if you feel that this is a necessary step to take while on a club trip. 

It is the responsibility of the club advisor to notify the Office of Student Engagement within 24 hours of any injury occurring during any club event, fundraiser etc. The advisor will need to fill out an Incident Report Form, which can be found on the staff portal, under Human Resources and contact the CWI Risk Manager.