Overnight student club travel needs to be requested through the club advisor to the Office of Student Engagement at least twenty (20) business days prior to the date that payment for the travel is required.  Depending on the overall cost or scope of the travel expenses, more than 20 days may be necessary. For consultation in planning upcoming travel ideas or plans, please reach out to Student Engagement at StudentEngagement@cwi.edu  

when submitting the request for overnight travel, here are things that should be included in your budget requests:

  • Travel estimates must include mileage, airfares, ground transportation, tolls, parking, registration fees, hotel, meals, and cab/shuttle fares, as applicable.
    • You must submit documentation for quotes, i.e. registration pages, flight estimates, hotel pricing, etc.
  • The proposed budget submission needs to include a 10% contingency (due to changes in rates, fares, etc.)
  • Travel for academic purposes can’t be paid through the club accounts. Academic departments must sponsor travel if for academic purposes.