This period of time is considered a temporary/grace period. During this time student organizations may limited student club & organization privileges while they complete the annual registration process. Student organizations failing to complete the Open Enrollment registration process should do so the following semester. If a student organization is able to demonstrate reasonable progress, then ASCWI may grant extensions to the deadline at its discretion. 

  • Open Enrollment date for Fall 2023: 

    • Monday, Sept. 25

  • Open Enrollment date for Spring 2024: 

    • Monday, Feb. 19  


Clubs that were active in the previous academic year are considered active through the end of the current Fall open enrollment period on a contingency basis. Clubs with funds available will be allowed to request purchases for recruitment and outreach efforts to be supported. 

  • Clubs will not be able to plan for events that occur following the open enrollment period if they have not completed the steps for activation for the current academic year