1. Contact the Office of Student Engagement: Meet with the Coordinator for Student Engagement to receive guidance throughout the process as needed. It is recommended that new clubs work with the coordinator in the early stages.
  2. Find the required minimum officer and advisor roles:
    1. The three required Officer positions are President, Treasurer, and Secretary 
      1. Officers must meet the following criteria: 
        1. Must have a semester AND cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater 
        2. Enrolled in at least 1 credit at CWI 
        3. Must be in good conduct standing with CWI
    2. Club Advisor
      1. Club Advisors must be employed directly by CWI
  3. Complete and submit the following paperwork during the Club Open Enrollment Period: 
    1. Application to renew or start a new Student Club or Organization. Access this form by Clicking Here. 
      1. A complete application will include
        1. Full names, CWI emails, and phones numbers for club officers
        2. Full name and CWI email for advisor(s)
        3.  A club constitution.  
          1. A template is located in Appendix A or a word document can be provided when requested from Student Engagement at clubs@cwi.edu
  4. ASCWI Club Recognition
    1. ASCWI will have a standing action item on their agendas for at least the first five weeks of each semester that includes Club Recognition.
    2. Each new and returning club must present on their organization to ASCWI. The presentation should not exceed 5 minutes and allow for up to 5 minutes of questions. The presentation should address the following questions:
      1. Is your club new or a renewal of a previously existing club?

      2. What is the purpose of your club? What do you hope to achieve by forming this club? 

      3. Who are the members of your club? What are their interests and goals? 

      4. What activities do you plan to hold? How will your club benefit the student body? 

      5. How will you promote your club? How will you reach out to potential members? 

      6. What are your plans for sustainability? How will you ensure that your club remains active in the long term? 

      7. What are your club's policies on membership? What do students have to do to be considered an active member? To run for an officer position?

      8. How will you handle conflicts within the club? 

      9. What are your club's financial goals? 

      10. How will you measure the success of your club? 

    3. Following each presentation, ASCWI will ask questions, discuss, and then vote on a club’s renewal or first-time recognition.
      1. This will also include a requirement that the club officers and advisors complete their required club training within 10 business days, or they will need to return to ASCWI and request an extension. 
  5. All officers and advisor(s) must complete the organization tests available through blackboard:
    1. Everyone will be added to the portal once the coordinator has acknowledged that the club application is complete and will notify the organization via email. 
    2. Clubs who have not had officers and advisors complete the training are not able to request funds, spend funds, or hold official events. 
  6. Once the club has become active by completing the organization test then the club should submit the information, they want included on the club website by completing the  Club Web Updates Request Form. The minimum following information for updating the club web page includes:
    1. Club description
      1. How students can get in contact with the club (email, interested form, etc.)
    2. Any officer information that you want to be available(advisor is automatically included) 
    3. Officer Profile Photos: 125x125 pixels 
      1. Names, Positions, Emails(optional)
    4. Club Web Page Images (with artist permission included):
      1. Header: 880x200 pixels 
      2. Icon: 100x100 pixels 
  7. Establish a Club Facebook Page:
    1. Facebook pages will be established through the Office of Student Engagement through the following steps: 
      1. Determine who will oversee the management of the page and which officers will have access 
      2. Coordinate a time to have the officer who manages social media and the advisor to meet with the Coordinator of Student Engagement & Programs. Please make sure you have your passwords to your facebook and your associated email available for the meeting.
        1. Schedule an appointment here: Schedule Club Social Media Appointment
  8. In order to sustain an active status, the club must continue to meet the following requirements: 
    1. Meet at once Monthly 
    2. Send a club representative to Student Leadership Circle Meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 PM during the fall and spring semesters. These meetings occur in conjunction with ASCWI Senate meetings. 
      1. A club representative is considered a student who is involved with the organization and can deliver a report. The representative should only be representing one club at the student leadership circle. 
      2. If a representative is not able to attend, then the club should send a report of what they have been working on and anything upcoming to clubs@cwi.edu.


Club Application renewal is only required once an academic year. Club activation from Fall semester is valid through June 30 the following calendar year. Club activation in spring semester is valid through June 30 of that academic same year. 

Clubs that were active in the previous academic year are considered active through the end of the fall  open enrollment period on a contingency basis. Clubs that have funds available will be allowed to request purchases for recruitment and outreach efforts to be supported. 

  • Clubs will not be able to plan for events that occur following the open enrollment period if they have not completed the steps for activation for the current academic year