Number: COMM-040
Effective: February 13, 2020
Department: College Relations
Last Revision: February 13, 2020


To provide guidance and instruction for CWI employees to become more visible in and to actively engage their communities.


Applies to CWI Administration, faculty, and staff


Community:  a social grouping of people united by a common location, or groups of people who are linked intellectually, professionally and/or politically;

Community engagement activity:  community related activities in which Administration, faculty and staff participate as representatives of and on behalf of CWI;

Community involvement:  activities performed by Administration, faculty, and staff primarily aimed at uplifting or supporting society and or individuals in need of assistance or engagement.


CWI is committed to partnering with and helping strengthen the communities in which its employees and students work and live service to and involvement in the community is part of CWI’s mission and values.  Such activities also enhance the College's reputation and aid in recruiting students and staff.  Consequently, CWI encourages community involvement where its employees are engaged in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that enrich the quality of life and opportunities for all citizens. CWI also encourages its Administration to fully consider and leverage the varied talents of all CWI faculty and staff in community engagement activities.


To the extent possible, all community engagement activity should be coordinated as part of a college wide effort through the Office of College Relations. Requests for speakers or participation in or representation at all other types of engagement that involve CWI staff, faculty and Administration, as representatives of and on behalf of the College, shall be approved prior to the activity by the employee’s immediate supervisor, who shall coordinate the activity through the Office of College Relations.