Number: COMM 000
Effective: December 1, 2016
Last Reviewed: July 5, 2023
Department: Communications and Marketing
Last Revision: July 5, 2023


To provide guidelines for the creation, dissemination, and protection of CWI’s official communications to internal and external audiences.


Applies college-wide to the creation and dissemination of any documents, materials, or communications that are intended to represent CWI.


College Communication: Any official communication representing CWI that is distributed to the public, state and federal governing bodies, or CWI internal community via any available communication medium (including print and electronic).


CWI is committed to institutional integrity and information accuracy. CWI retains ownership of all communication mediums created for the purpose of distributing internal and external college communication. CWI must ensure that its official communications to the community and other external entities are consistent and accurately reflect its intended message. Accordingly, CWI has established the following guidelines regarding the creation, dissemination, and protection of CWI’s official communications. It is not the intent of this policy to infringe upon any individual’s right to freedom of speech or expression. Please refer to HR 250 Political Activity (Employees) Policy for guidelines on political activity.


  • CWI communications will be developed with a commitment to institutional integrity and accuracy to the best of the institution’s knowledge.
  • Official CWI communications shall be monitored and approved by the Communications and Marketing Department and include CWI logo and applicable branded elements and disclaimers.
  • Communication intended for distribution to all employees or use of the email distribution group (DG) Employees DG, must be approved by the Vice President of Marketing or designee, through the Communications and Marketing Department. Predetermined access and permissions to additional DG groups may be found in the Distribution Group Guidelines document.
  • Websites and social media sites are considered official communications and must follow the brand and style guidelines established by CWI.
    • All websites and social media pages created and maintained by College departments, divisions and officials must be approved by the Dean or Director of the requesting department and by the Department of Communications and Marketing prior to publication and must comply with the established Social Media Process. Requesting departments’ social media contributor must comply with established Social Media Process, including identifying a Communications and Marketing representative to be an administrative manager on all approved CWI Social Media channels.
    • Social media sites maintained by CWI are subject to State of Idaho public records laws. Any content maintained in a social media format that is related to CWI business, including a list of subscribers, and posted communication, is a public record. CWI employees are required to comply with all applicable federal and state laws in regards to copyright and plagiarism is prohibited.
    • All social media sites maintained by CWI shall also comply with all applicable CWI policies and standards, including but not limited to:
      • All federal and state laws, rules, regulations, or requirements applicable to CWI, such as FERPA and HIPPA
      • CWI Brand Style Guidelines
      • Information Technology Resource Use Policy
    • All social media sites maintained by CWI shall further comply with applicable terms of use or other policies, procedures and guidelines established for use of the host site, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • All media inquiries shall be directed to the attention of CWI’s Communications and Marketing Department.
  • Crisis communications and timely warnings shall be authorized for delivery through the Crisis Communications Team.
  • All external advertising and guest columns on behalf of CWI shall be directed by the Communications and Marketing Department.