Weapons on Campus

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As of  July 1, 2014, Section 18-3309  of the Idaho Code allows individuals with enhanced concealed carry permits to carry weapons on public college and universities. The College of Western Idaho (CWI) has worked diligently to evaluate what changes need to be implemented on campus in response to the legislation. Our principal goal is to make sure our campus community remains a safe learning and working environment.

OP 050-Firearms & Weapons on Campus.  states, possession, wearing, carrying, transporting, or use of an incendiary device, explosive, or firework is strictly forbidden on CWI owned or controlled premises, including private vehicles of employees, students or campus visitors. Any person wishing to possess, carry, transport or use any of the above-listed items on CWI owned or controlled premises must have the express written consent of the Executive Director of Facilities Planning & Management. Violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or termination from CWI and prosecution under appropriate local, state, or federal laws.

If you have a safety concern, please contact Campus Safety and Security at 208.562.3333 or dial 911.

If you have questions regarding CWI’s policy, contact the Director of Safety and Security.

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