With the guidance of Faculty Senate, the focus of this committee is on criteria and procedures for professional evaluation. The Professional Standards Committee reviews and proposes professional standards and measures thereof. The Committee may also act as a liaison to or collaborate with other parts of the college to professional standards. The Committee will form sub-committees sanctioned by Faculty Senate to address specific issues, on an as needed basis.

  1. Organization
    1. Membership: The Professional Standards Committee will be made of 4-7 members. At least one member must be a Senator. Both divisions of CWI must be represented.
    2. Terms of service: Members may serve for up to three years.
    3. Selection of members: Members will volunteer to serve on the Professional Standards Committee. If there are more volunteers than open positions, the existing committee members will elect members from the volunteers, and the elected will be approved by the Faculty Senate President.
    4. Organization/hierarchy: The chair of the Professional Standards Committee will be a member of the senate. The committee will have a chairperson to call and organize meetings and report to Senate. The Chair will coordinate with other parts of the college as needed.
    5. Method of establishing hierarchy: The Committee will nominate and elect a chair.
  2. Reporting
    1. Method of reporting to senate: The chair will send a brief monthly update to the Faculty Senate President one week prior to each meeting. The update will be added to the Senate minutes. If the committee has business to be discussed by the Senate, the chair will send as a separate request one week prior to the meeting.
    2. Required report content: Monthly reports will contain information on current projects, upcoming issues, and recent decisions.
  3. Operating procedures
    1. Frequency of meetings: The Professional Standards Committee will meet monthly or as needed.
    2. Methods of meeting: Meetings will be in person or via video conference.