A. Elements of the promotion portfolio

The portfolio has five tabs: 1—Cover Letter, 2—Curriculum Vitae, 3—Faculty Evaluations, 4—Student Evaluations, 5—Faculty Activity and Reporting Form.

For more detailed information about each element of the portfolio, see Appendix F and refer to the Faculty Evaluations and Promotions Procedures Handbook.

B. Portfolio format

The cover of the promotion portfolio must include the faculty member’s name, program, the rank for which they are applying, and the year.

The portfolio must include a table of contents and tabs (5):

  • Tab 1: Cover Letter
  • Tab 2: Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Tab 3: Formal and Summative Evaluations
  • Tab 4: Student Evaluations
  • Tab 5: FPAR

Failure to include required material will result in not being recommended for promotion.

C. Hard copy format

Portfolios must be spiral bound. Each of the five tabs should have some physical marker of the section.

D. Digital copy format

The digital version of the portfolio must be contained in a single .pdf file.