Only faculty in good standing at each step of the process (Letter of Intent, last Friday in September; Submission of application, First Friday in February; and Confirmation with the Provost in April) are considered eligible for rank.

To be in good standing, a faculty member must:

  • Not be in progress on a Coaching and Development Plan.
  • Not have received a Letter of Corrective Action within the last 24 months. Faculty must teach for three years as full-time faculty at CWI as an instructor before applying for assistant professor, four years full time as assistant professor before applying for associate, and five years full time as associate before applying for full professor. Time taken for non-protected leave may not be calculated in time of service. Contracted faculty employed with less than 1.0 full time employment will be eligible for rank application after completing the full-time equivalent semesters of experience required. Released or reduced teaching responsibilities of full-time faculty that is approved by the Provost will not interrupt the normal timeline for promotion.

Candidates being denied promotion must wait at least one full promotion cycle before being eligible to apply for rank promotion.

Faculty must also have passed the FT Faculty Evaluation and Promotion Quiz with a 90% minimum.