Refer to INST 030 Adjunct Faculty in the CWI Policies and Procedures Manual.

In an effort to acknowledge the talent, dedication, and development of adjunct faculty, CWI will review adjuncts annually to determine their eligibility for advancement in tiered pay.

Adjunct faculty are eligible to apply for tiered advancement based on their performance relative to the following timeline. Eligibility is based on Fall and Spring teaching (Summer semester is excluded). Faculty on performance plans are not eligible to apply for advancement; they will be eligible to apply the semester following the completion of the performance plan. For current tiered pay rates, refer to the school's faculty expectations.

Adjunct pay rates will be reviewed periodically as part of college-wide market analyses, scheduled and conducted by HR.

A. Tier Advancement Process

  • Step One: Instructional Project Manager pulls an eligibility report each Spring semester and sends to Department Chairs and Deans by week 3. The report will populate the employee name, discipline, employee ID, supervisor, current tier, and terms taught. Deans and Department Chair will confirm eligibility/non-eligibility.
  • Step Two: Instruction Project Manager will consolidate all names for advancement and submit documentation to HR for processing. Department Chairs will need to track those who were denied due to an active corrective action plan.
  • Step Three: The Project Manager will forward the final recommendations for tiered advancement to Human Resources and Provost during week 10. Final approval of recommendations rest with the Provost.
  • Step Four: School admins will process individual Personnel Action Forms for all those advancing. When an Adjunct Faculty serves in more than one department, all position IDs will be updated to reflect the higher tier advancement. PAFs should be to HR by May 31st.
  • Step Five: Approved adjunct faculty receive final notification of advancement from Human Resources. HR will send the Adjunct Faculty an email stating their advancement has been processed. This email will also go in their personnel file.

B. Appeals Process

If the faculty member disputes the final report, he or she may:

  • pursue institutionally supported alternative dispute resolution processes in an attempt tore solve evaluation concerns.
  • follow the Grievance Procedure as outlined in the Equal Opportunity Plan located in the Human Resources Department, if applicable.
  • follow the Complaint Procedure as outlined in the College of Western Idaho Board Policy 5140, Administrative Procedure 5141, if applicable.