President's Writing Awards

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2022 President Writing Award group
President Writing Awards
Group of President's Writing Award winners


Submit all manuscripts by 11:59 p.m. Feb. 23, 2024.


Awards will be given for first, second, and third place in each category. All first-place winners will receive $500, all second-place winners will receive $350, and all third-place winners will receive $200. Payments will be issued by check. 

Winners will be contacted by email and acknowledged publicly at the Connections Project Awards Ceremony.

President's Writing Awards is an annual writing contest that recognizes and honors excellence in student writing at College of Western Idaho (CWI). A foundational academic skill, celebration of writing across the disciplines underscores its importance and encourages students to approach it from a variety of perspectives.

Contest Rules

Contest categories are open to all manuscripts produced for coursework at CWI. Submissions that do not meet category criteria or contest rules will not be included in the contest process. Contest organizers and readers will not move misplaced submissions from one category to another, nor will they make edits to help submissions meet guidelines.

  • Students must be enrolled at College of Western Idaho to be eligible to submit and receive an award.
  • College of Western Idaho staff are eligible to submit writing done for coursework at CWI, but faculty are not eligible.
  • Previously published writing is not eligible for submission.
  • Students may submit to multiple categories but are limited to one submission per category.
  • No submission may be submitted to more than one category.

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