Dave Nicholas

Associate Professor

B.A. (University of Utah); M.F.A. (Boise State University); Instructor of English since 2009
Dave received his bachelor’s in English from the University of Utah and a master’s in Creative Writing from Boise State University. While studying at Boise State, he taught English composition and creative writing, and worked on the award-winning journal, The Idaho Review. He teaches creative writing, literary theory, and English composition for CWI.  In addition to his teaching duties at CWI, Dave works with students on the student-led publication, Caliper, a journal of undergraduate fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and visual arts, and he helps to advise CWI’s English Club. Some of Dave’s interests include: following his beloved Utes and Broncos, reading and writing fiction, hiking, fair food, and bustin’ horse rustlers.