Effective: July 16, 2019
Last Reviewed: December 27, 2022
Last Revision: March 15, 2023

Travel by Trustees is expected and encouraged as part of their professional growth and development. Reasonable and prudent expenses enumerated on a College expense form are reimbursed quarterly upon authorization of the Board Chair, who examines the expenditure for propriety and availability of funds. All outstanding travel claims must be processed before another request is submitted. 

Expenditure Limits 

  • Meals: The College will reimburse expenditure for meals by a Trustee as a result of participation in a Board assigned activity based upon actual receipts or College established per diem rates.
  • Use of Automobile: Mileage for business related travel by automobile will be reimbursed at a rate consistent with the College’s rate for mileage reimbursement. Mileage information for locations both inside and outside of Idaho will be obtained from the CWI Business Office. In addition, reimbursement will be allowed for reasonable and/or actual costs incurred by tolls and parking. Reimbursement for mileage and related expenses may not exceed second class or coach airfare for the same trip, except in extenuating circumstances.
  • Lodging: Actual costs will be reimbursed at no more than the single room rate or the approved conference negotiated rate. Personal items such as in-room movies are not reimbursable.
  • Gratuities: Reimbursement for gratuities for meals, bellhops, cab services, etc., are allowed for amounts not to exceed 20%.
  • Spouse/Guest Expenses: Unless otherwise authorized by the Board Chair, reimbursement for the cost of conference, convention, travel, or other official function expenses for a spouse/guest is not allowed.
  • Business Phone Calls: Charges for telephone calls are reimbursed if they are incurred in connection with College business.
  • Other: Actual costs for the purchase of supplies, rental of audio-visual materials, or other similar items will be reimbursed upon presentation of proper approvals and documentation. This process is limited to those items that cannot be handled through the regular purchasing process or items of an emergency nature. The purchase of equipment must be handled though the regular purchasing process. 
  • The College will not reimburse Trustees for any costs incurred related to their attendance at religious or political events. Further, the College will not reimburse Trustees for dues for membership or any other costs or expenses incurred related to their participation in any service organization. 

Outstanding Travel 

All outstanding travel should be processed quarterly and before another request is submitted. The College will consider an advance overdue if the detailed expense report is not submitted on a timely basis. No new travel advances will be issued until prior travel expense reports are filed. 

Required Approvals 

All completed forms of reimbursement must be approved by the Board Chair. It is the responsibility of the authorized signer to examine the expenditure for propriety, and assure that funds have been budgeted.