Effective: July 16, 2019
Last Reviewed: December 27, 2022
Last Revision: March 15, 2023

Board Officers 
At the organizational meeting (the first regular meeting of the Board following the election of Trustees), the Board will conduct the election of officers. 

The following term limits will apply: 

  • Board Chair: The Board Chair may be elected to serve a term of two years and may be elected for an additional two-year term provided that the same person shall not serve as Board Chair for more than four years in succession.
  • Officers: There are no term limits for any other Board Officer.

Board Chair 
The duties of the Board Chair shall be to:

  • chair all Trustee meetings
  • consult with the President and other Trustees in preparing agendas for Board meetings
  • call special meetings as necessary
  • act as the official voice of the Board when conditions warrant
  • communicate with other Trustees regarding their duties as necessary
  • participate in orienting new Trustees
  • organize Board study sessions when appropriate
  • represent the Board at official events or ensure Board representation
  • delegate duties, as needed, to other Trustees

Vice Chair 
The duties of the Vice Chair shall be to:

  • assume the responsibilities of the Chair in the absence of the Chair
  • carry out special assignments as requested by the Chair

The duties of the Secretary shall be to:

  • cause to have the agenda for Board meetings published and posted according to Idaho Code §§ 74-201, et seq.
  • cause to have minutes taken of each Board meeting and distributed in a timely manner; verify for accuracy by signature all Board minutes based upon approval of the minutes by the Board
  • assist the President in correspondence on behalf of the Board of Trustees with parties external to the College as necessary

Removal of Chair 
At any regular or special meeting of the Board, the Board Chair, upon a three/fifths (3/5) vote to remove, recorded in the minutes of the meeting by individual vote, shall resign his or her position as Chair provided that such vote to remove is properly included in the notice and agenda of the meeting in which the vote is taken. In the event the Chair is removed from office following a vote to remove, he or she shall retain membership on the Board of Trustees.