Last Reviewed: April 11, 2024

9.1 The Board shall evaluate its own performance and the performance of the President annually. 

  1. Board’s Self-Evaluation
    1. The Board will complete annually a self-evaluation that generally should conclude no later than October.
    2. The Board Secretary shall prepare a compilation of the completed evaluations and deliver them to each Board member prior to the September Board meeting.
    3. An executive session of the Board shall occur following this to review the Board’s self-evaluation.
  2. President’s Evaluation
    1. The Board will annually review the President’s performance, set mutually agreed-upon goals, and review the President’s salary.
    2. The President’s evaluation will include a written summary of progress on goals and work completed in the prior 12 months written by the President.
    3. Trustees will be provided with the written summary to aid in the completion of the evaluation instrument.
    4. An executive session of the Board shall occur prior to the end of the fiscal year in which the summary and/or compilation of the collective evaluations will be shared and discussed with the President.