The purpose of this handbook is to further clarify the governance of the College of Western Idaho. This handbook is intended to co-exist with the College of Western Idaho Policy Manual.

CWI Administrative Offices: 6056 Birch Lane, Nampa, ID 83687

1.1 The Board shall establish, review, and revise, as needed, the vision and mission of the

1.2 The Board shall approve the strategic plan goals for mission fulfillment and delegate the implementation. 

2.1 The Board shall select and appoint the President to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the College who shall have overall administrative responsibility for the operation of the College. The Board shall annually review the President's performance. ...

3.1 The Board will consider and approve the curricular offerings of the College on the recommendation of the College President. The Board annually reviews the College’s Three-Year Program Plans for academic degrees and Career Technical Education programs and...

4.1 The Board is responsible for the fiscal integrity of the College and ensures the efficient use of real and personal property.

  1. In carrying out this responsibility, the Board shall appoint one member of the Board to serve as a
  2. ...

5.1 The Board has the power and responsibility to select the President and establish a compensation package for the President.

  1. Board of Trustees Responsibilities
    1. Prior to the search process, the Board shall review the job description for
  2. ...

6.1 The Board requires the President to establish policies and processes for the purpose of promoting student success through effective instruction, the provision of supportive services that address current student needs, and collaboration with secondary and higher...

7.1 The Board requires the President to establish a safe, healthy, and orderly campus to protect the well-being of students, employees, and the public. The President is authorized to take action necessary to protect the campus community in case of emergency.

8.1 The Board shall monitor the effectiveness of the College through appropriate measurements and reports including, but not limited to, student success, financial sustainability, and strategic goals. 

9.1 The Board shall evaluate its own performance and the performance of the President annually. 

  1. Board’s Self-Evaluation
    1. The Board will complete annually a self-evaluation that generally should conclude
  2. ...