Effective: February 16, 2016
Last Reviewed: December 14, 2023

5.1 The Board has the power and responsibility to select the President and establish a compensation package for the President.

  1. Board of Trustees Responsibilities
    1. Prior to the search process, the Board shall review the job description for President and make any appropriate changes in consultation with Human Resources.
    2. The Board shall determine the scope of the search and the desired timetable for filling the position. Under normal circumstances, the Board Chair shall serve as chair of the Search Committee and shall have the delegated authority to sign agreements for professional services, including but not limited to agreements with search consultants.
  2. Search Committee Chair Responsibilities
    1. The Search Committee Chair, in consultation with Human Resources, shall determine what the overall application process will be to achieve the search scope and timetable identified by the Board, including but not limited to:
      1. composition of the Search Committee
      2. advertisement of job announcement
      3. applicant criteria
      4. procedure for ranking and review of applicants
    2. To the extent possible, the Search Committee shall identify no fewer than five (5) finalists for the position. As finalists, the names of such individuals may be released to the public pursuant to Idaho’s Public Records Law. Accordingly, applicants should be advised that if they are selected as finalists, their names may be disclosed to the public.
    3. Completion of the Hiring Process
      1. The Board shall make the final hiring decision. Any such decision shall be made in open meeting and shall authorize the College to hire the selected candidate. If the Board rejects the recommendation of the Search Committee, it may authorize the hiring of one of the other finalists or direct the Search Committee to re-engage the selection process.
      2. The Board Chair shall be authorized to sign the President’s contract.

5.2 In the event of a President’s vacancy, the Board shall appoint an Interim President during the search process and/or until such time as the new President assumes all job responsibilities. 

5.3 The Board directs the President to recruit, retain, and reward quality employees to maintain the College’s operations and to further the College’s mission.

5.4 The Board delegates to the President or designee the authority to hire College personnel. 

5.5 The Board requires an interim succession plan for all key employees, including the President, in the event of a vacancy or prolonged absence. A “key employee” includes Vice Presidents and any employee reporting directly to the President. The President and/or Vice Presidents shall determine the necessity of interim succession plans for all other employees.

5.6 The Board of Trustees approves Emeritus Status for former Trustees, faculty, and CWI employees in accordance with CWI Policy HR 220. Emeritus status is reserved for former Trustees, faculty and long-term employees who have demonstrated outstanding service and have significantly contributed to furthering the mission of CWI. 

Emeritus status shall, subject to any subsequent modification or termination of this policy, be entitled to: 

  1. use of library materials on the premises
  2. inclusion on CWI’s mailing list
  3. invitation to commencement and other special events
  4. a formal resolution of the Board of Trustees’ action granting emeritus status