GED Testing

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Testing Services at College of Western Idaho (CWI) is proud to offer GED testing to members of the community. In partnership with Adult Education, our services can help you prepare for and complete your GED in preparation for higher education and career growth.  

Prepare for the GED

Resources are available to help you prepare and study for GED testing on and off campus. 

  • CWI's Adult Education program offers FREE assistance and classes for individuals preparing for GED tests. Visit Adult Education & GED Prep to learn more.
  • Visit to access practice questions, view sample tests, and purchase practice tests ($6.99 per subject). You can also explore options for in-person GED classes near you or sign up for online GED prep classes.

Take the Test


  • Sign up for a free account at
  • If you are 16 – 17 years of age, please complete a youth waiver and submit by email to or by mail to:
    • College of Western Idaho
      Testing Services, MS 2800
      P.O. Box 3010
      Nampa, ID 83653
  • Accommodations for the GED exam must be requested and approved through prior to scheduling. Visit Accommodations to learn more. 

Schedule & Pay

  • Log in to your account to schedule and pay for your exams.
  • You may take your GED exams at either Testing Services locations in Boise or Nampa
  • Test Sections & Cost

    Test Sections

    The GED test covers four subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Exams may be taken all at once or one at a time. Sections and time limits for each test are as follows:

    Math – 115 minutes (2 parts)

    • instruction and review (2 minutes)
    • 3-minute break to retrieve calculator

    Science – 90 minutes

    • instruction and final review (2 minutes)
    • no breaks

    Social Studies – 70 minutes

    • instruction and final review (2 minutes)
    • no breaks

    Language Arts – 150 minutes (3 parts)

    • instruction and review (3 minutes)
    • written essay (45 minutes)
    • 10-minute breaks between parts 2 and 3


    The cost for the GED is $36 per exam (4 sections = $144). A minimum score of 145 is required to pass each section or a total passing score of 580 or higher. 

    • Retakes are available for $10 each for your second and third attempts.
      • After three failed attempts, a test taker will need to wait 60 days before they can retest.
      • Fourth attempt = $36 per exam
      • Fifth and sixth attempts = $10 per exam
  • Day of Exam(s)

    You will be required to provide one or more valid forms of identification on the day of the test.

    Identification must: 

    • be government-issued and non-expired
    • include your name, address, date of birth, signature, and photograph

    Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, state-issued ID card, or passport booklet or card.

    Failure to provide proper identification when you arrive for your exam may result in a forfeiture of any exam fees paid. If you are unsure if your ID will be accepted, please contact Testing Services prior to your scheduled exam time. 

  • Scores & Transcripts

    Beginning Sept. 28, 2020, the Idaho Division of Career and Technical Education (IDCTE) will transfer Idaho’s GED® credentialing service from DiplomaSender to Parchment

    This move provides many benefits for Idahoans who complete the GED®, including:  

    • Students who pass the GED will be immediately sent an email notification with links to download electronic versions of their documents and instructions for ordering paper copies.  
    • Students will receive one complimentary printed copy of their transcript and diploma; additional copies can be purchased for $15 each.  
    • Students can download their credentials electronically so they can share them with potential employers or academic institutions. 
    • Over 90% of U.S. admissions offices have a Parchment Receive account. This allows admissions offices to receive and download electronic documents from Parchment securely.  
    • Since Parchment connects directly with GED®, students who test after 2014 do not need to create an additional account and may sign in to Parchment using their GED credentials.  
      • Students who passed the GED prior to Sept. 28, 2020, can go to Grads and Transcripts for information on ordering their documents from Parchment.