Blogs by Jessica Argyle

Kim Scheffer, CWI faculty
“Regardless of age, background, or past experiences, CWI gives people an opportunity to be successful in college, become educated, and flourish.”
Tinker Family at College of Western Idaho's 2019 Commencement
"Because of CWI, I can do what I love to do – help people and make a difference."
Shane Larson, 2015 Graduate
“CWI empowered me to meet, build relationships with, and accept people from all walks of life."
Anjulie Thompson, 2014 Graduate
“CWI empowered me with a degree. I wouldn’t have the job I have without it.”
Jessica Concie, 2015 Graduate
“Getting an education empowered me to be a better person and gave me the motivation to help others know they can do it, too.”
Steve Silva, 2016 Graduate
“CWI played a massive role in empowering me to go after my dreams. I went from a farm kid who didn’t have a lot of confidence to feeling like I could do anything I set my mind to.”