Jessica Argyle

Representative II, Communications

Jessica Argyle has been at College of Western Idaho since 2011 and currently works as a Communication Representative. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Boise State University in 2016 and an Associate of Arts in Communication from CWI in 2014. 

Blogs by Jessica Argyle

"Because of CWI, I am in a position to give back to my community and be a role model to those around me."
“CWI empowered me to become a more confident version of myself… Because of CWI, I am ready for the future.”
"Because of CWI, I was able to return to college as a non-traditional student having been out of high school for a decade, find my passion, make wonderful friends, gain influential mentors, and successfully graduate with honors and two science degrees."
“It is never too late to say YES, chase your dreams, and begin your journey of self‐fulfillment. Because of CWI, I am a college graduate."
CWI student, wife, and mother, Tehani Schnupp, hopes in sharing her story she can inspire others to make their next move.
Congratulations to Bradley Dougal, a 2019-2020 Nagel Foundation scholarship recipient.


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