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Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: May 8, 2020

Tehani Schnupp, a first-year Marketing Communications and Media Arts student at CWI, also wears the titles of wife and mother. Most days for her are full of what she refers to as “organized chaos”, especially these last two months as she has been working hard to finish up the semester in the midst of a pandemic.

“My husband and I have five kids ranging in age from sixteen to five years old,” Schnupp explained. “Our kids attend four different schools including high school, middle school, elementary, and preschool, and of course, all our kids are in sports or music lessons year-round. Needless to say, there are always dishes in my sink, and the laundry is never done.”

While her decision to go back to school was scary and intimidating, Schnupp wanted to find a career that would allow her to earn a livable income while working remotely in order to spend more time with her kids.

“The greatest challenge on my educational journey has been finding balance between my family life and my full-time student life which has demanded a level of organization I did not have prior. This challenge has forced me to find creative, problem-solving solutions. I try not to forget to stop and laugh from time to time – like the time I was studying for finals while cooking French toast for my kids and grabbed what I thought was cinnamon but actually cayenne pepper. I am now barred from cooking during finals week. It may take years for them to trust me to make them French toast again!”

As a student at CWI, Schnupp has had many memorable and enriching experiences including sharing her story as part of the Mom’s Next Move promotional campaign with 107.9 Lite FM, interviewing Shannon Decker from The Speedy Foundation to promote a suicide prevention website, and building and executing a marketing campaign for a local, Boise-based business.

“These and several other experiences at CWI have brought richness to my education by giving me direct, real-world experience as well as solidifying to myself I am in an industry I love.”

Encouragement from faculty, like Dan Garrity, have made a powerful and lasting impact on her education.

“For anyone who has ever met Professor Garrity, you cannot sit in a room with him for longer than five minutes without feeling how deeply he is invested in his students. This investment goes much further than a letter grade. He works to take each and every one of his students and empower them to find their way.”

Schnupp hopes by sharing her story she will inspire other mom's to consider their next move, and if that next move is education, she says to go for it!

“CWI took a shy and quiet mom and made me into a fierce, strong, and career-driven woman. This transition happened because of unmatched professors, an advisor who should be promoted to sainthood (Teresa Martinez), and curriculum that has prepared me for the world. Because of CWI, I believe I am capable of achieving anything!”

Following graduation from CWI, Schnupp plans to transfer to Boise State University to study Public Relations.

Are you, or a mom you know, ready to make the move? Nominations for this year’s Mom’s Next Move one year, full-tuition scholarship giveaway are open now through Friday, May 15!

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