District Residency is not the same as State Residency.  A student can have both In-State Residency and be an Out-of-District Resident.  District residency is based on the county of residence.  The CWI community college district is comprised of Ada County and Canyon County.  CWI is also a part of a statewide community college district that includes CWI, College of Southern Idaho (CSI), North Idaho College (NIC) and College of Eastern Idaho (CEI).  These college districts include permanent residents of Ada, Bonneville, Canyon, Jerome, Twin Falls, and Kootenai counties.  Homeowners in these counties pay extra property tax to have these community colleges in their counties.  Students whose permanent residence is in Idaho but outside of these 6 counties are charged Out-of-District fees instead of paying for the colleges on their property taxes.  Out-of-District fees are charged at a rate of $50 per credit up to $500 per semester in addition to tuition and fees.