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At College of Western Idaho (CWI), residency status is used to determine tuition costs.

  • Your residency status is determined based on information provided during the admissions process.
  • Completing the Admission Application accurately and completely will ensure you are charged the correct fees for your classes. 
  • To review details pertaining to your residency status or see requirements for redetermination, please visit Resident Status for Tuition Purposes

In-State / In-District

Permanent residents of the State of Idaho residing in one of the state's four community college districts are considered in-state/in-district students. The community colleges, listed below, receive funding through property taxes allowing residents to receive an in-district tuition rate. 

  • CWI (Ada and Canyon counties)
  • College of Eastern Idaho (Bonneville County)
  • College of Southern Idaho (Jerome and Twin Falls counties)
  • North Idaho College (Kootenai county)

In-State / Out-of-District

Students who reside in Idaho but live outside of the state's four community college districts above are considered in-state/out-of-district. These students are charged out-of-district tuition of $50 per credit, up to $500 per semester, on top of the in-district rate. 

Out-of-District Tuition Assistance

  • Students may seek assistance from their county to pay the out-of-district portion of their tuition by submitting a Certificate of Residency to their County Clerk.
  • Students are responsible to pay the out-of-district portion of their tuition if their request for assistance is denied. 
  • Out-of-district students must complete and submit a Certificate of Residency each academic year. 

Out-of-State / International

Those with permanent residency outside of the State of Idaho are considered out-of-state/international students.

  • As the College does not receive funding from the State of Idaho for out-of-state or international students to subsidize tuition, these students are charged more per credit. 

Residency Redetermination

Students who recently moved to the State of Idaho and have established residency may submit a Residency Redetermination Form to redetermine residency status. The form must be submitted to One Stop Student Services by the following deadlines:

  • Fall or spring semesters – before the 10th day of instruction
  • Summer semester – before the 5th day of instruction