CWI strives to create an educational and professional community demonstrating CWI Core Values. This includes the following Core Values:

  • Student Success: CWI values its students and is committed to supporting their success in reaching their educational and career goals.
  • Instructional Excellence: CWI will provide the highest quality instructional programs, which help learners achieve their goals and that also help the community and region to prosper.
  • Community Connections: CWI will bring the college into the communities it serves in meaningful ways by providing a variety of educational and enrichment programs, including, partnerships for economic development and general community connections.
  • Organizational Stewardship: CWI finds strength through its people and viability in its operations and infrastructure; therefore, the College will continually evaluate its organizational and financial health to ensure sustainability. This Core Theme addresses resources and organizational processes that enable the other Core Themes.
  • Inclusive Excellence: CWI will embrace the strengths created through diversity and will adopt and promote inclusiveness in its practices.

Faculty are expected to uphold these values and serve as role models of integrity for students. Faculty must always model academic honesty, including providing proper credit during presentations (including handouts and PowerPoint/other software-assisted presentations) and in all individual academic endeavors.