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A work-study job is a great way to help pay for your college costs, avoid student loan debt, and gain valuable work experience. Most of these jobs are on campus, but we do offer community service jobs with organizations outside of CWI. Work-study eligible students are encouraged to find work related to their course of study or work benefiting the community.


Work-Study jobs are more than just money for college!

The experiences and skills you will obtain while working part-time in college will be a great addition to your success in the classroom. Research has indicated students who work part-time while they are in college (up to 19 hours per week) perform just as well or even better academically than students who do not work. A work-study job can help you get a head start on your future success in the classroom and profession. 

What is a work-study job?

Work-study is a part-time, hourly position meant to help you pay for your college costs and avoid student loan debt. Work-study jobs have a number of other benefits, including:

  • valuable, real-world, work experience for your resume
  • opportunities to network with experienced professionals
  • flexibility to try different jobs, fields, and careers
  • connect with the CWI campus community

Can any student get a work-study job?

No. Work-study jobs are only available to students who are enrolled at CWI, have expressed interest in the Work-Study Program on the CWI Careers page, are determined eligible by the Financial Aid office, and are offered work-study funding as part of their financial aid award package. Students must meet all application deadlines and enroll in at least one course each semester. Having a FAFSA on file with CWI is not required, but encouraged. 

Apply for Work-Study Jobs

How much do work-study jobs pay?

The wage for each position is listed in the position description.

Each work-study recipient is awarded a specific amount for the academic year. The work-study award amount depends on:

  • availability of work-study funds
  • financial need
  • availability of other types of grant or scholarship aid
  • enrollment plans (e.g., full-time or part-time)

How will I receive my work-study funds?

You will receive a paycheck on the 10th and 25th of each month for hours worked, which is the same schedule as all other CWI employees.