Applying for Aid

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In order to be eligible for federal grants, scholarships, work-study, or loan opportunities, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

  • Steps to the financial aid process including how to apply, view your offer letter, manage your financial aid, and more are outlined below.
  • As the financial aid application process can take several weeks, be sure to plan accordingly.
  • Visit Types of Aid to explore financial aid options available to assist with educational costs.
  • While some types of aid do not require completion of the FAFSA, it is a recommended step in maximizing your financial aid options.

Financial Aid Term & Conditions

  • 1. Apply for Aid

    The 2023-24 FAFSA is now open! Apply now for Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 semesters.

    Start the FAFSA 

    • The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) will process your FAFSA shortly after submission.
    • Once processed, you will receive an email from DOE with your Student Aid Report (SAR) and an electronic copy is forwarded to CWI.
    • In order for CWI to receive your FAFSA, you must add CWI's Federal School Code: 042118.


    A Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID is required to sign your FAFSA. 

    • If your FAFSA requires parent information, your parent(s) must also create an FSA ID. 
    • Be sure to remember your FSA ID number, and do not share it. 
    • Your FSA ID is required to log back in to your FAFSA to make corrections and to renew your FAFSA each year. 

    Create an FSA ID

    Additional Documentation

    Additional documentation may be requested by CWI to assist in preparing your financial aid award. Requests for additional documentation will be sent to your student email.

  • 2. Receive Offer Letter

    Once CWI has received your FAFSA and all required documentation, the Financial Aid Office will review your eligibility and determine which types of aid you qualify for. Upon this determination, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view your Offer Letter and manage your financial aid. 

    Offer Letter

    The types and amounts of financial aid awarded to you will be communicated in an Offer Letter.

    • To view your Offer Letter, visit the Self-Service Toolkit in myCWI.
      • Select Financial Information from the left menu, then Financial Aid Menu and Offer Letter.

    Screenshot of how to find your offer letter in your Self-Service Toolkit.

  • 3. View Grants, Scholarships, and Work-Study Awards

    Grants, scholarships, and work-study awards are automatically accepted on your behalf. 

    • The maximum amount of grant, scholarship, and work-study funds you are eligible for will be awarded first in order to keep student loan amounts at a minimum.
    • Grants, scholarships, and work-study funds do not have to be repaid. 
    • Initial award amounts are based on full-time enrollment of 12 or more credits.
      • Awards will be adjusted based on enrollment status.
      • Awards may also be adjusted should information used to determine your eligibility change.
  • 4. Manage Student Loan Awards

    To accept, decline, reduce, or increase loans, review and follow the instructions in your Offer Letter. 

    • Should you choose to accept loans, be conscientious of the debt you accumulate and your ability to repay it.
    • Students are encouraged to decline unnecessary loans or borrow the least amount necessary to cover educational needs.
    • There are limits to the amount of federal student loans you may receive each academic year (annual loan limits) and in your academic career (aggregate loan limits). Visit Federal Student Aid to learn more. 

    Manage Your Student Loans

    Loan Entrance Counseling

    First-time student loan borrowers are required to complete Student Loan Entrance Counseling. Entrance counseling provides important information regarding your loan, interest, repayment, and smart loan borrowing.

    Master Promissory Note

    All students who plan to borrow loans are required to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN). A MPN is a legal document in which you promise to repay your loans and any accrued interest and fees. The MPN also explains the terms and conditions of your loans.

    Note: It can take up to seven (7) business days for CWI to be notified of your completion of the MPN and entrance counseling.

  • 5. Receive Aid

    Financial aid awards are distributed to your student account each semester according to the disbursement schedule.

    • Any aid you are awarded will be used to pay charges on your account including tuition, fees, and Bookstore charges, as applicable.
    • Student loans will be disbursed upon acceptance and completion of entrance counseling and MPN, provided you have met other eligibility requirements. 
    • Should your award exceed charges on your account, excess funds will be refunded to you. 

    Disbursements Refunds