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Core Services and Purpose:

Purpose: Support the CWI experience by providing an opportunity for applicants and students to take exams in a convenient and securely proctored environment.

Priority: Administer exams for prospective students and CWI students who require in-person proctoring.

Prioritized Exams:

  • Exams for placement
  • Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) for course credit
  • Student requests for live proctoring at a test site, with or without accommodations
  • Makeup exams or retakes, instructors please submit a TPRF with a roster
  • GED
  • Certifications for CWI students
  • CWI Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • CWI Workforce Development (WD)
  • CLEP for course credit

Secondary Exams:

  • Proctored Exams for Outside Institutions
  • Community Certification exams

** This is not an exhaustive list; Testing Services is flexible with supporting the needs of CWI students and instructors. Please submit a Test Proctor Request Form (TPRF) for review if you would like an exam considered.  Submitting a TPRF is not an automatic approval.

Additional Training

Visit the Testing section of your CTL-Faculty Training Course on Blackboard.


Test Proctor Request Form

You will fill out a Test Proctor Request Form (TPRF) if you are sending students to Testing Services for a class exam. This request will be reviewed by staff and once approved, your exam will be posted to RegisterBlast, the student scheduling page. If you would like to see what your students see when they schedule an exam, you can visit www.cwi.edu/exams.

Test Proctor Request Form
How to Fill out the TPRF:

Complete the fields in the six sections of the TPRF. Please allow for 2 business days for review.

  • Return of completed material options:
    • We can return materials through interoffice Mail Stops
    • You can pick them up
    • or ask that all materials be shredded
  • Faculty information:
    • Information that is posted to RegisterBlast for students to schedule and contact information in case there are any issues.
  • Course and exam information:
    • Select the type of exam your student will be taking
  • Exam dates:
    • Select the date you would like your exam to open and close. You can add an access code which then requires the student to have this code in order to schedule an appointment.
  • Instructions for the administration of your exam:
    • This section gives proctors the information they need to proctor your test successfully. We only allow student use of materials specified.
    • Passwords are noted and paper tests are attached in this section
    • Make note of any special instructions you want proctors to follow
  • Attachments:
    • If you have more than 5 students attach your roster, otherwise enter them in the "Who is taking the test?" section
    • Attach any additional files your student will need.

If you have any questions while completing the form, please contact Testing Services at 208.562.2440 (Nampa Campus Micron Education Center) or 208.562.2542 (Ada County Lynx Center).

Need More Info?

Nampa Campus Micron Education Center