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Tutoring Services at College of Western Idaho (CWI) offers free, in-person, embedded, and online tutoring to currently enrolled CWI students.

    Schedule an appointment with one of our tutors by logging into Blackboard and choosing Connect with a CWI Tutor (In-Person or Online) from the Tools menu. This will log you in to our scheduling system. First-time users will be asked to provide additional information and set their time zone (US/Mountain).

    • To find a specific specific subject, use the Subject filter in the Filters section on the left side of the page.
    • Search for the Writing Center or English Language Learner support by utilizing the Subject filter.

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    Our tutors have expertise in the following subjects: 

    • English Language: Support for English Language Learners in any subject
    • Writing Center: Support for writing assignments for any subject
    • STEM Classes: Tutoring for many STEM classes such as math, biology, chemistry, and more
    • Business: Tutoring in business and economics classes
    • Career and Technical Classes: Embedded tutoring in select career and technical education course sections
    • Computer Literacy: Support for using CWI technology such as Blackboard, myCWI, and Office 365 for any subject

    Please contact or with questions or assistance logging in to your account.