Brett Belden

Photo of Brett Belden
Supervisor, Tutoring Services (HASS)

Brett Belden started as the Online Tutoring Support Supervisor in January 2021.  Originally, Brett obtained his associate degree in three fields from CWI: history, anthropology, and political science.  He then went on to Boise State to finish his Bachelor’s in history.  During his two years at BSU, Brett gained valuable training while working in tutoring at CWI, first as a writing tutor and later as a Writing Center lead tutor.

While he was originally born in California, Brett has spent most of his life in Idaho and considers here his home.  Brett has been part of CWI’s geology club and has a small fossil and mineral collection he is constantly looking to add to.  When not working, Brett can be found gaming with friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, keeping up on scientific news, and musing over potential writing projects.  He is passionate about all kinds of academic discourse and finds interdisciplinary work especially fascinating, so feel free to strike up conversation on all kinds of topics!