Geology Club provides like-minded students an opportunity to collectively pursue their interests in geology as well as advocating for spreading knowledge throughout the student body at CWI. With the assistance of our club advisor and other faculty at the College we plan on creating unique experiences and helping to gain knowledge that can be applied later down the road in students careers. The Geology club will also be focusing on the general interest of rocks and there historical impact on Idaho and how the state was shaped. 


Club News

CWI student, Westin Juarez, with Ander Sundell with new exhibit

CWI student, Westin Juarez, teams up with CWI professor, Ander Sundell, and the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology to design a new exhibit.

Seismometer at CWI detects Honduras earthquake

Seismic waves from an earthquake in Honduras on Jan. 9 were detected at College of Western Idaho, 2,500 miles away!

CWI students mapping and recording petroglyphs at Celebration Park.

A group from CWI took a non-traditional approach to spring break this year, mapping and recording petroglyphs at Celebration Park.

College of Western Idaho logo

The CWI Street Teams fed their hunger to spread the word about the College, last week, with a pair of events that featured some peanuts, some cracker jacks, and a whole lot of soul food.

The CWI Speech and Debate team kicked things off on Thursday, Aug. 2, taking in an evening of Boise...