College of Western Idaho's Anthropology Club is a forum for students to explore anthropology and build meaningful relationships with others in the field. We sponsor speakers, field trips, interactive group events, and other opportunities that broaden students' perspectives and present a holistic approach to the study of anthropology. Using the four subfield approach, including the rising field of applied anthropology, we investigate many different aspects of the study of human beings and enhance the opportunity for the student to discover his or her own niche in anthropology.


John Hardesty President
Michelle Salmon Vice President
Cassie Woodard Treasurer
Morgan Calhoun Secretary

Anthropology Club Events

Anthropology Club News and Blogs

Peace and Power: My Journey Reconnecting to my Rotinoshonni Identity

CWI will celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Oct. 10 with food and activities and a cultural presentation from a student who will share her own experience learning about her Indigenous roots. It is free and open to the public.

Nikki Gorrell and Mayan Ruins

Join CWI Anthropology Professor, Nikki Gorrell, Tuesday, March 10, for a discussion on her fieldwork in Mayan communities.

Students at Compass Public Charter School participate in CWI Anthropology Club’s inaugural Adventure Race.

Students at Compass Public Charter School participate in College of Western Idaho Anthropology Club’s inaugural Adventure Race.  

Members of Student Nurses Association

LEADership Banquet recognizes student leadership roles and creative engagement in campus life for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Katt Grossman, 2016 Alumna

"CWI empowered me by showing me I am smart, outgoing, and able to do so many more things than I thought I could.”

Native Beading Workshop at the Ada County Campus Pintail Center Nov. 13.

Beading Workshop participants honor Native American artistry and tradition by making dream catchers.