The Dual Credit Student Club at College of Western Idaho (CWI) is open to any CWI student who is, was, or wants to support and welcome dual credit students. We strive to provide opportunities for networking, social support, and resource learning to support dual credit students at the College through club meetings and activities.

Spring 2024

Tree Climbing with Canopy Watch International

Sunday, May 5
11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Municipal Park in Boise

College and Canopy Watch waivers are required. The event is free to students and sign up for limited spots is secured through the submission of waivers. A waiver extension has been granted for this event! While you can print the waivers and turn them in at the event (remembering any needed parent signatures); this event is first come first serve and emailing in your waivers will secure your spot sooner. Email us for a waiver packet with instructions. Once the packet is completed and returned via email, we will confirm your spot to climb.

Join OUR Discord Server

If you would like to join our club Discord server, email your Discord name from your CWI email to be added to the server. 

We hope these events and activities will give CWI dual credit students an opportunity to meet other dual credit students and to be welcomed by mainstream CWI students! We hope this welcome and comfort will lead dual credit students to explore all the wonderful opportunities and resources being a dual credit student has to offer!


Faith President
Andrew Secretary
James Treasurer


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Dual Credit Student Club creates a welcoming environment for high school students who are taking classes at College of Western Idaho.