Emergency Preparation

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To help prepare for and respond to emergencies on the College of Western Idaho (CWI) campus, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to do the following:

  • confirm your contact information on file
  • opt in to receive CWI Alerts
  • add Campus Security to your contacts
  • review the Emergency Procedures annually
  • keep a copy of the Emergency Handbook in your office or classroom
  • inspect personal work areas (e.g., offices, classrooms, hallways, storage areas) for potential hazards
  • review and know evacuation routes and safe assembly areas for your building
  • familiarize yourself with the Campus Safety & Security page
  • participate in CWI emergency drills
  • develop personal and family preparedness plans
  • and gather supplies for emergencies.

Additional Responsibilities for Faculty

In addition to the responsibilities described above, faculty members should also do the following:

  • remind students to review evacuation maps on the first day of class
  • note the location of the Emergency Handbook in the classroom
  • familiarize yourself with building evacuation procedures
  • know how to lock down each classroom in which you teach
  • familiarize yourself with Active Aggressor Response and review the plan with your class(es)
  • lead students during emergency drills following floor captain and Campus Security instructions
  • in the event of an emergency, lead students following instructions communicated in CWI Alerts
  • if an evacuation occurs during class, report the information to the floor captain and remain with students until the evacuation is over
  • and consider contingency plans for how classes could be conducted if on-campus facilities are temporarily unavailable.


Coordinator, Environmental Safety and Health
  • Environmental Health and Safety and Institutional Policies