401 Absences

401.01 Two (2) excused or one (1) unexcused absences, per semester, from any required meeting shall be grounds for dismissal from office.

401.02 Senate and Committee Meeting Absences:

401.02.01 The Senate Pro-Tempore and committee chairs must report these absences to the Chief of Staff within 24 hours.

401.02.02 All Senate meeting absences must be excused through the Senate Pro-Tempore and ASCWI VicePresident in written documentation.

401.02.03 All committee-meeting absences must be excused through the respective committee chair in written documentation.

401.02.04 Written notification of absences should be proved to the Senate Pro Tempore and/or committee chair as required prior to the absence(s), however – no unexcused absences will be excused more than 48 hours after the fact.

402 Tardiness

402.01 Any member who is not present by the time their name is called for Roll Call then they shall be considered absent.

402.02 When a member is not present for Roll Call and are considered absent they shall not sit at the voting body’s tables, participate in discussion or debate, nor shall they be able to vote. They may still speak during open forum.