200 Senate Parliamentary Rules And Procedures

200.01 The most recent published edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the proceedings of the meetings of the Senate, so long as they shall not conflict with any of the rules of procedure specifically set forth in the ASCWI Constitution and/or By-laws.

201 Legislative Meetings

201.01 The ASCWI Senate shall meet at least twice per month for the duration of their term.

201.02 These meetings will be held Thursday at 4:30 p.m. at a CWI location or through an official virtual platform.

201.03 Reasonable exceptions may be made to any of the above.

201.04 Senate Debate

201.04.01 Once recognized by the Chair there shall be no time limits imposed on senators.

201.04.02 Senators shall keep debate germane and decorous.

202 Senate Bills

202.01 Bills must be sponsored by two (2) or more senators to be considered by the Senate.

202.02 Presentation of bills to Senate must adhere to the following procedure:

202.02.01 The bill must be on the Agenda. The Agenda maybe amended to include the bill.

202.02.02 One of the bill sponsor reads the bill aloud. They must refrain from discussion during this reading.

202.02.03 If necessary, a motion to make punctuation and grammatical changes can be made. Senators can move to make such changes to the proposed bill individually or move to make all changes with one motion.

202.02.04 When punctuation and grammatical changes are complete, the Chair asks for a motion to discuss the bill.

202.02.05 Once recognized by the Chair, the primary sponsor of the bill gets the first chance to discuss the bill.

202.02.06 Once the primary sponsor is done speaking, any Senator has the opportunity to discuss the bill once recognized by the Chair.

202.02.07 Each Senator is allowed one chance to discuss the bill and may not speak again, unless called upon for inquiries, until all others wishing to speak have had the chance to do so.

202.02.08 The proposed bill can then be referred to the applicable committee, tabled to a later date, or voted on immediately by motion. A call to question can be made by the Chair or by a senator as discussion of the proposed bill ends. Additional options for the proposed bill are available at this time so long as they are in accordance with the Robert’s Rules of Order.

202.03 Voting

202.03.01 Senate members may vote in writing by proxy in the case that their absence is excused.

i. The Proxy vote must be received by the Pro-Tempore and the ASCWI Adviser forty-eight (48) hours before the time of the vote.

ii. If amendments of the bill take place during the meeting then proxy votes can no longer be counted.

202.04    If the Senate passes a bill, the ASCWI President shall, within four (4) school days:

202.04.01    Sign the bill, in which case it shall take immediate effect; or

202.04.02    Not sign the bill, in which case it shall take effect five (5) school days after Senate passage; or

202.04.03    Veto the bill by informing the Vice President, Senate Pro-Tempore and the lead sponsor of the bill of the veto in writing.

202.05     If the President vetoes a bill, it shall automatically be returned to the Senate. Here the bill shall require a two-thirds vote of the seated membership of the Senate to override the veto and take effect.

202.06    The presiding officer of a passed bill shall ensure that the final engrossed copies of bills shall carry:

202.06.01    The date of approval by the Senate; and

202.06.02    The signature of the officer presiding at its approval; and

202.06.03    The dated signature of the President, if signed into effect by the President.

202.07    The Chief of Staff shall make both digital and print copies of the final engrossed bills ensuring they are delivered to the ASCWI Adviser and placed into the ASCWI governing documents records.

203 Senate Resolutions

203.01 Resolutions are documents sponsored by two (2) or more senators formally stating the official policy, opinion, will, or intent of ASCWI as approved by the Senate.

203.02 Resolutions shall be printed in Idaho State Legislative form for presentation.

203.03 Resolutions shall take effect immediately following their approval by the Senate.

203.04 Final engrossed copies of resolutions shall carry:

203.04.01 The date of approval by the Senate; and

203.04.02 The signature of the officer presiding at its approval.

204 Senators-Elect

204.01 Senators-elect may:

204.01.01 Sit on all Association committees as non-voting members; and

204.01.02 Confirm the incoming Executives, Executive Cabinet and Delegates as needed.

204.02 The senate-elect shall elect their Senate Pro-Tempore, with all senate-elect members present, before taking office. Nomination(s) will be made and the senate-elect members will select one of the nominees. The individual with the most votes will serve as the Senate Pro-Tempore.