300.01 The Executive Cabinet shall be selected by a hiring committee comprised of the ASCWI President, VicePresident, Senate President Pro-Tempore, and Advisor, then confirmed by the Senate.

300.02 In the case a Senate President Pro-Tempore is not yet selected the President will select a Senator to serve on the hiring committee.

300.03 The ASCWI President shall provide the ASCWI Senators with a written summary of qualifications of each nominee at least three days prior to the Senate confirmation.

301 Web Services

301.01 The ASCWI President shall establish procedures for the implementation and maintenance of a publicly available, online website for the Association, hosted through the College of Western Idaho

301.02 The ASCWI website shall contain at least the following:

301.02.01 A directory of all ASCWI committees;

301.02.02 A directory of all ASCWI Officers;

301.02.03 Minutes and agendas from ASCWI Senate meetings;

301.02.04 The ASCWI Constitution and By-laws; and

301.02.05 ASCWI news and press releases.

302 Executive Meetings

302.01 The ASCWI executives shall meet at least twice per month for the duration of their term of office.

302.01.01 These meetings will be held at one of the CWI campuses determined each semester by the executives.

302.01.02 Reasonable exceptions may be made to any of the above.

303 Creation Of Boards And Committees

303.01 The ASCWI President shall establish boards and committees as necessary to serve the general welfare of ASCWI.

303.02 The President shall appoint members to all ASCWI boards and committees from the ASCWI.

303.03 Board and Committee Requirements: 303.03.01 All boards and committees shall be chaired by an ASCWI Officer.

303.03.02 The ASCWI President shall recommend members of ASCWI to:

i. Faculty Senate committees and sub-committees,

ii. Presidential standing committees,

iii. Search committees, and

iv. Other non-ASCWI committees.

303.04 Removal from Committee Appointments

303.04.01 Grounds for removal include failure to complete tasks or duties assigned by the board or committee chair.

303.04.02 In the case that a member is removed from a board or a committee, the chair of said board or committee as well as the ASCWI President shall inform the member of the removal.

303.04.03 Involuntary Removal from a Board or Committee, i. Members may be removed from a board or committee by a majority vote of the board or committee.