Food Security

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Resources are available on campus and throughout the community for College of Western Idaho (CWI) students and employees who may be experiencing food insecurity.

    Campus Food & Hygiene Pantries

    Five food and hygiene pantries are located throughout our campuses, where students and employees are welcome to help themselves to what they need.

    • Pantry Donations

      Campus food and hygiene pantries are stocked by donations. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

      Monetary Donations

      Food items:

      Healthy, grab-and-go lunch and snacks items students can eat while on campus are our biggest need and may include: 

      • instant soups (ramen, mac-n-cheese or other instant meals)
      • pull-top cans or pouches of tuna, chicken, other meats
      • pull-top canned soups, chili, ravioli Individual-sized applesauce or fruit cups and pouches
      • granola bars and similar snack items
      • small jars of peanut butter
      • individual size bags of jerky, crackers, trail mix, nuts, and dried fruit
      • instant oatmeal
      • individual-sized juices and milk boxes that do not require refrigeration

      Please avoid canned vegetables, pastas, sauces, rices, and single ingredients for a meal as these items do not move as quickly through our pantries. 

      Miscellaneous items:

      • plastic silverware (no knives please)
      • paper bowls (no Styrofoam)
      • napkins

      Hygiene items:

      • toothpaste and toothbrushes
      • shampoo and conditioner
      • soap and body wash
      • deodorant
      • razors and shaving cream
      • feminine hygiene products
      • hairbrushes and combs

      The food pantry cannot accept perishable, expired, or opened items. For more information, email

    • Local Food Pantries

      Located throughout the Treasure Valley provide free food to those in need at no cost. Use the downloadable lists below or use the Idaho Food Bank Food Locator to find a pantry close to you.

    • Food Assistance Programs

      For food assistance through state food assistance programs: