Potential infractions fall under three categories*: 

Student Violations: One or more students violate community standards and expectations. All students will be held accountable to the Code of Student Conduct. Anyone in violation of the Code of Student Conduct will be referred to Student Conduct for resolution of the case. 

Club  or  Organizational  Violations: A  club  or  organization is  in  violation  of  standards or procedures. Clubs and Organizations are required to meet the unique responsibilities required of all clubs & organizations in order to uphold the safety and enrichment experience of CWI Students. A club or organization in violation of their requirements will be referred to Student Engagement for resolution of the case. 

Advisor Violations:  An advisor fails to adhere to procedures or abuses their position of authority. Advisors are required to attend a club orientation session to learn proper processes and procedures that are to be used during their tenure as an Advisor. Should advisors violate their commitment to the club or organizations, they may be removed from the position of Advisor and/or they may be referred to Human Resources for further investigation of the case. 

*As each infraction and category is unique, each is subject to its own unique set of standards and potential sanctions.