Last Reviewed: June 26, 2023

Effective advisors will advise on club and College of Western Idaho (CWI) processes but will also allow club members to plan and make decisions and mistakes. They will partake in club decisions and educate members in order for them to make informed choices. 

Club advisors must: 

  • be employed by CWI
  • attend an advisor orientation training or schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Engagement
  • advise club members on club policies and assist in adherence
  • assist club members in managing a budget and making financial decisions that adhere to club policies, and signing off on all financial documents
  • be proactive in helping the students plan club events, fundraisers, and travel
  • approve all club forms prior to them being sent to Student Engagement
  • assist clubs in making educated decisions
  • work closely with Student Engagement in all club processes
  • hold club members accountable when they fail to follow policies and procedures
  • maintain communication with club officers and Student Engagement regarding all events, issues, travel, etc.
  • help foster individual and team leadership among the club members
  • follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the Club and Organization Handbook