Here we discuss what happens if you lose your club advisor during the academic year and how Student Engagement can help support the club identify a new one.

During the course of the semester or year, the club advisor may need to step down from their role. If this occurs, it is important that the club finds a new advisor within fifteen (15) business days of the previous advisor leaving.  

If a new advisor is not found, the club may become inactive or lose their registered status. Please work with Student Engagement during this time as we might be able to help find an individual that would be able to fulfill the advisor's role for your club. 

If the club cannot find an advisor during the grace period, the club's status will be changed to inactive for the remainder of the current semester. The club can then reapply for active status during the next Open Enrollment, if an advisor has been identified.

*Please be mindful that no monetary transactions can be made during the time that there is no advisor.