Number: CW 070
Effective: April 28, 2017
Department: Risk Management
Last Revision: July 12, 2017


To establish that College of Western Idaho does not support international travel except to Canada.


Applies to all CWI employees and students, and includes internships, externships, study abroad, conferences and continuing education. This policy also applies to non-CWI individuals who may be traveling on behalf of CWI and utilizing funds provided by CWI.


Employee:  Any individual currently compensated through the CWI payroll.

Student:  Anyone enrolled as a student at CWI.  For purposes of this policy, “student” includes all student employee positions.

International travel:  Travel outside of the fifty states of the United States, including travel to Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories.


CWI does not support international travel except to Canada.  For travel guidelines, see CWI’s ADMIN 060 Travel Policy.  The use of any CWI and Federal funding for travel to Canada must follow strict guidelines and be fully transparent to CWI’s President and constituents.