Gary Smith

Photo of Gary Smith
Zone 4

Gary Smith's commitment to enhancing educational opportunities is underscored by his understanding of diverse educational pathways. His recent roles as the Board Chair for the United Way of Treasure Valley and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ada County have provided him with invaluable insights into the importance of providing traditional, vocational, and technical training, especially for non-traditional, first-generation students.

Education is a cornerstone of Smith's family, reflected in the academic and professional achievements of his four adult children, who hold undergraduate and advanced degrees, with two serving as educators.

Smith has also made significant contributions to the community through various positions including as an elected member of the Boise City Council. Additionally, he was a Director of the Idaho Department of Insurance, Chief of Staff to Boise Mayor Kempthorne, and Deputy Chief of Staff to Idaho Governor Kempthorne. He has also been an active participant on numerous community boards such as Junior Achievement, the Red Cross, and Boise Neighborhood Housing, showcasing a long-standing dedication to public service and community development.