Heather Grayson

Photo of Heather Grayson
Director, Student Support Services
Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Pregnancy/Parenting

Since joining CWI in 2011, Heather has been instrumental in creating equal access for students. She built the Student Disability Services department from the ground up, and now also oversees Veteran's & Military Family Services, Testing Services, and continues to champion disability rights. Her passion for advocacy extends beyond disability, as she also serves as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, supporting pregnant and parenting students.

Heather's dedication to higher education stems from her own active undergraduate experience at Boise State University (BS in Psychology) and her Master's in Adult Organizational Learning and Leadership from the University of Idaho (with an HR Development certification).

When not guiding students toward success, Heather's adventurous spirit takes her exploring across the US, with her sights set on expanding her global adventures. Music, shopping, hiking, and lake visits are her go-to for fun. You might even spot her in the foothills or mountains, accompanied by her loyal Bernedoodle companion, Cozee.