Gigi Smith

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Assistant Director, Writing Center
Writing Center Director


Gigi Smith is the Writing Center Director for College of Western Idaho, along with being a supervisor for Tutoring Services. As a former CWI student, she’s optimistic and determined to help students and faculty access the best writing support because she respects writing’s powerful impact on changing worlds. Starting as a non-traditional student herself with tough odds to beat, she cares deeply about CWI as a space for people to find their resolve, pathways, and the advocates who help break barriers. Her life’s work centers on curating meaningful learning experiences that show people how to think about, believe in, and write their own success narratives.

Gigi worked for the Boise State University Writing Center for the past six years in various roles: first as a consultant and then on the leadership team as professional staff. She also loves to moonlight as an instructor for college courses; at BSU, she teaches Writing & Rhetoric II, and she’ll sometimes teach research writing, literature, or communications courses for adult learner programs. If Gigi’s not on a college campus somewhere, you’ll likely find her at a waterfront with a book and picnic basket, at the gym, looking for a bakery with famous cookies, or snowboarding with family.


M.A., English Literature – Boise State University
B.A., English Literature – Boise State University
A.A., English – College of Western Idaho