Erin Ortiz

Photo of Erin Ortiz
Coordinator, Student Engagement & Programs

Erin Clifford Ortiz joined CWI on October 31, 2022 saying, "Happy (& Healthy & Hopeful) Halloween" to the Student Affairs Team in Nampa's Willow C Building! Erin is new to the CWI Community, but she is not new to the world of student engagement. She came here after being a leadership advisor and event coordinator for over 20 years at California's Foothill College in the Office Student Affairs & Activities, where she was also a student leader. She majored in Speech Comm. there before transferring to San Francisco State University, where she majored in Mass Comm.  In 2019, she earned her M.S. in Organizational Leadership from National University and was then a college leadership class teaching intern for one year. For 15 of her years at Foothill College, she helped lead their staff government while simultaneously working for student government and volunteering in various leadership roles in the Bay Area.

A fun fact about Erin is that her first day at work was not only Halloween, but it was also her dad's 85th birthday and she is his only daughter, and she has 6 brothers, and only one is younger. She loves having family time with her big family and also her tiny team of her husband and two teens...and their pawrfectttt puppy!!!