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Marketing Specialist
5725 E. Franklin Road, Nampa, ID 83687

About me:
Becca was born in Utah rounding out her family to the number of eight. Six months later, her family moved to Idaho. Growing up in a single-income family brought about some financial hardships. However, being the youngest child had both challenges and benefits. Throughout her homeschooling journey, Becca would go back and forth with the idea of attending college. By her Sophomore year of high school, she knew she wanted to go to college, but knew that it wasn’t a realistic option because of the expense involved. When Becca had resigned herself to not going to college, a family friend recommended CWI, citing the low cost of attendance.

In the Fall of 2017, Becca began attending CWI. Her schooling was fully funded by Federal Grants. Additionally, she began a Work-Study job with the Recruitment Team where she quickly took on the role of Senior Tour Guide. She worked hard to secure a place as an honorary member of the team. During this time, she was proud to create new Tour Training Manuals for each campus, represent CWI at several outreach events, and scholarship fundraisers. Becca was originally studying Health Science, but with encouragement from CWI faculty and staff, family, and friends, she decided to study Communication instead. In May of 2020, she completed her associate degree in Communication and loved every minute of that process. As of June 2020, Becca officially joined the Recruitment Team where she is excited to serve YOU.

When Becca isn’t working, you can find her spending time with people she loves, coaching basketball, and being involved with musical theatre productions. She also enjoys going on long, slow runs, and spending time in the mountains.

AA. – College of Western Idaho

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