Marianne Nelson

Assistant Professor

If it has to do with the human body, I’ve studied it, read about it, am interested in it, and probably tried it as a job at some point in my life (coached three sports, personal trainer, massage therapist, consulted on a strength and conditioning manual for a professional baseball club, teacher). I am in my third decade teaching subjects related to health, fitness, nutrition, sport strength and conditioning, anatomy, physiology, and even massage therapy. A day doesn’t go by that I’m not amazed (and usually learn something new!) with the structure and function of our bodies.

I’ve been teaching at CWI since 2010 and am fortunate to be part of the Biology Faculty as the Lead Instructor for the Anatomy & Physiology 1 labs. When time allows, I try to teach a nutrition or medical terminology course as well. Our lab faculty team developed the new Flex Lab model which is highly innovative and brings together technology, hybrid instruction, and flexible scheduling. It is designed for the 21st Century student and has been very successful.

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, I moved to Idaho to enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities and year-round cycling-friendly weather. I lead bicycle trips for the Adventure Cycling Association when I can get out of the lab and have toured most of the National Parks on my road bike. Boise is a great place to live and train! Where else can you ski in the morning, play nine holes of golf in the afternoon, and go for a bike ride in the evening? And that…would be my perfect day.